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Invisible Professional to Influential Leader

25 Leadership Tips for Women Leaders Who are Ready to Lead Authentically with Confidence

I wrote this Leadership Tip book for women leaders because I wished someone had told me these tips when I was growing my career. 

The tips in this book are often not talked about in the workplace.  Yet, many of the tips are what typically hold women leaders back from achieving next-level success.

I share these tips from the perspective of an HR Leader.  I share stories of personal experiences that I encountered on my own leadership journey. 

Complete the "Action" & "Reflection" exercises in the book for each tip.


I hope you resonate with the tips in this book and learn something new about yourself in the process.  Enjoy!  




You Are Enough!

I am so excited to be a contributing author of this amazing book.  My chapter is the FIRST chapter in the book!  

If you attended the You Are Enough! Conference, this book is the icing on the cake coming off of the heels of the conference.  With over 70 amazing authors, all with personal stories and inspirational messages to let you know that YOU ARE ENOUGH to live your best life!

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